Monday, January 30, 2012

How to get a job at subway?

I went to subway last week in California and asked if they were hiring and they said yes. I turned it in last week and the manager said she would call me the next day. She hasnt called so i called yesterday to ask if she looked at my application yet and she said she didnt. What should I do if she doesn't call? I put my hours open for pretty much all day everyday so why wouldnt she call?? If you work at subway or did work then what should i do? thanks!How to get a job at subway?
Sounds like you bombed the application or the "visual inspection" when you dropped it off. Are you sure you spelled your name right on the app? Were you dressed cleanly? Do you have bad BO? Does your car have offensive political bumper stickers? Did you speak in clear english and not slang/ebonics/whatever? Do you have a bunch of stupid piercings and visible tattoos? That stuff is all job-hunting-suicide. Even more so in today's economy.

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