Thursday, February 23, 2012

Applying for a job im 16?

Never had a job before im 16 and have a few ?'s

1. D0 i just walk in and ask for a application

what place would hire me (these places i would apply to)






subwayApplying for a job im 16?
Walk into the store and say "Can I apply for a job here" they will either tell you we arn't looking sorry or they will give you a application.

I don't see why any of those places you listed shouldn't hire you, as long as you don't have like really bad acne, or sloppy clothing, or alot of facial peircings most any fast food place should hire.Applying for a job im 16?
Call and ask if they are even hiring before you go in that way you save yourself the trip if they arent.

IF they are just go right on in and fill out your app!

most fast food restaurants should hire you.Applying for a job im 16?
same here

u should try at jewelsApplying for a job im 16?
Yup, any of those would be great. Just ask "Are you hiring?" and if they say no, say thank you and leave. If they offer you an app anyway, take it and fill it out because they'll probably call you eventually.
yes u just walk in ask if their hiring an for a APP

mcdonalds prolly would at 16

subway might at 16

taco bell prolly would at 16

kfc maybe

but i doubt that cvs and walgreens will hire a 16 yearold

what you need to do it go to these places and ask ppl on here cant tell u if they will hire bc its different at most places Hope this helps

also you could try dairy queen i worked there when i was 14

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