Monday, February 20, 2012

Help! i don't want to lose my job.?

I'm not really gonna lose my job but no one has answered my other question ):

i'm 17 and i'm a senior in high school. I get out of school at 1:30. I put in a application for subway at the beginning of the summer, and i just got an interview yesterday. I went to the interview. I feel like I did okay. But what do y'all think?

When they asked why i wanted to work there i said "I like the food, everyone always seems really nice that work there, and that it seems that they use alot of team work to get things done and i like that". Then they asked me if i have ever been convicted of a crime "no ma'am" and then she asked me if i have ever been arrested "yes ma'am" she asked me why and i told her what had happened. Cause i really shouldn't had gotten arrested i was just with some people who were doing something they shouldn't had been but i was just sitting in the car and that none of us really knew that what we they're doing was illegal. At the end of the interview they said they would call me in 1-2 days if i got the job that they were just interviewing alot of people that day. i shook the manager and the owner's hand. And the owner said it was nice to meet me. and i said nice to meet you back to her.

To the interview i wore dark jeans that did not have any holes in them, and a gray polo shirt with a pink undershirt. and i made sure my boobs weren't hanging out. and tennis shoes.

so do y'all think i did okay? It's only been a day.

Also this was my first interview ever. I've never had a job but i've been looking alot.Help! i don't want to lose my job.?
You did fine sounds like. For something like a job at Subway that is something they are looking for, someone who is in school with time to spare. You can probably call tomorrow afternoon if you haven't heard yet from them. Employers like when people call to check on their status. IF (and I say it this way because I can't italicize) you don't get the job some tips to make sure you get it next time...

Dress business casual. What you wore is fine, but employers look at people who make a real effort to impress.

I know they asked if you have been arrested and that's okay, people understand that sometimes good people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Especially if you were not convicted of a felony.

Hope this helps... don't worry about it, if all you have said is true you need to come to the Subway here and work, most of the people here pretty shady characters... Good luck!!!Help! i don't want to lose my job.?
You did fine, but you probably will not get hired. The fact that you have already been arrested is a definite negative. Your age and inexperience also count against you. If the manager is choosing between a high school student and an adult, the adult will most likely get the job.Help! i don't want to lose my job.?
you were arrested, but not convicted. ya shud talk to ya parents about gettin a lawyer to clear ya record. life will be a lot easier

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