Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to get my first job?

I am a 17 year old and I've never had a job before and not really sure how to get one. Vacation is coming up and I might as well make the most out of my time. I'm kinda shy so I mainly apply to places online like Old Navy, AMC, target, sears, etc. but no calls back. I'm planning on going in person this time, to Subway! I already printed out the application. Do I just go into a subway and say "Any job openings?" What happens if they don't call me, Do I call them?How to get my first job?
hahah. same with me, kid.

i'm almost 18, never had a job.

looking though.

they really do prefer it if you go in person, because then they can gauge what kind of person you are, get a first impression. they're not usually too bad about that, as long as you're polite, you're fine.

i usually just go in and say something like "I was wondering if you need anybody to work" or "I was wondering if there are any job vacancies."

OR, if they have a "staff wanted" sign, i just go and say that i saw it, and that i am interested. then they usually ask if you have a resume/CV.

what also really helps is a written reference from a school or organisation you belong to, or did previously (you know, the kind that says nice stuff about you)

i found that the only places i got callbacks from were the places i gave a copy of my school testimonial.

they really help.

i wish you luck, fellow jobless bum :)

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I'm sure you'll get called back, by one of these places eventually. Don't just go to a store and ask if they have jobs availible though, If they were hiring they would probable get a sign or something. Just in case one of these places doesn't call you back, The Mall is always the best place to look. There is a lot of stores there, and I'm sure at least one will have a job opening.

If you want you can also go to on google and type in something like "job openings in...." I wish you the best of luck.
Go in and ask for a manager. Then ask them if they are hiring, if they say yes give them the application. If they say no ask them if you can turn it in for any future openings. Dress semi-nice, Jeans and a nice tee shirt maybe. And if i were you i would apply at target again, Ive worked there for 4 years, and it's a pretty sweet job.How to get my first job?
look for the job you want be positive and get ever there is something i have leaned in life about( jobs, work,) the first is not your last. because you always want and need to earn more. and every job is a new experience and with them comes more better your self you may need some college. along the way you will also find your self in the school of hard knocks its really a great school . and it cost nothing put some pride its not mandatory but i found most of us have attended oh and (be careful of how you think your friends are) on the job..,i wish your life the best. good hunting !
No! Subway is setting your standards too low. Subway is like saying "I'm not good enough for those other jobs, I'll just make sandwiches". Don't resign yourself to that fate! You might want to make sure you come across as an individual. Don't try to sound like somebody, or sound a certain way.How to get my first job?
when you go in ask to speak with the manager, and ask them if they are hiring and hand them your resume, some places may want you to fill out an application, even if they aren't hiring they will nine times out of ten take your resume.
just go to the mall and make a big circle around the malls to all the stores and ask for applications, find a quite table and fill them out then return them, this almost always workds
McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts... They're always hiring.

Have you thought about trying hostessing/waitressing at all?

Applebees, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Chili's

(I'm Lovin' it!)
cant go wrong with

Burger King


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