Thursday, February 23, 2012

How should I follow up on my applications?

So I applied to many places two days ago, to Rite Aid, Souplantation, carls jr, del taco, mcdonalds, subway, panda express, taco bell, pollo loco, wendy's, blenders, etc.

and i wrote all the numbers on a notebook, so I could keep track of the places, How do I follow up on an application, and how long should I wait till I give them a phone call???

please and thank youHow should I follow up on my applications?
Ask for the hiring manager and see about giving you an updateHow should I follow up on my applications?
Were they actually hiring? That might make a difference. If they were, 3-4 days is OK to call and ask to speak to the manager about how the hiring process is coming along.

Have you tried You can see who's hiring and apply online for a bunch of places there. Make sure you have a computerized version of your resume though as some might want you to upload it. If not, make one.

Good luck I hope you find something soon!

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