Monday, February 20, 2012

Need advice badly!?

Ok so im 17 and havnt had any jobs yet. Im desparate for a job but the thing is that i dont have transportationg. the only two places i can walk to from home are Subway and Winn Dixie.

I could go to Subway to turn in an application. For Winn Dixie you have to turn in an online application. No one is hiring me!!! i really need a job though.

When i called Winn Dixie, they said that i have to turn in an online appication but i have also heard its better to go talk directly to the manager. Even though i turned in an online application do u guys still think i need to go and talk to the manager about the application? When i call them the manager says that you just have to wait for a phone call.

When i went to submit the application at Subway, the manager wasnt there so i had to give it to his wife (about a month ago). Should I go and submit another application?

Help me out please any advice appreciated.

I hate to depend on my parents for money. I feel like such a failure :( :S :'(Need advice badly!?
Is there a way you can get a bike and go somewhere with a biking distance? I used to have the same problem you did. No transportation. I had to walk to and from Sonic if I didnt have a ride from a friend or family member. There were no sidewalks so a bike was out of the question for me. It was a good 30 minute walk too.

If it has been a month that is a long time but it doesnt mean you cant try again. A call once and awhile shouldnt hurt. Just dont do it every week. Do you have a friend that works in any of these places to help you out?

Turn in another application at Subway. His wife could have forgotten or maybe there was nothing available last time. Anyway, good luck with that!Need advice badly!?
Go to BKAdvice2008 I've been working for them for 3 years and its been great. Its hard to get accepted but send a email to the CEO she is a really good person to talk to her email is
Normally, they hold applications 60-90 days. Turning in a resume is a good thing to do as wellNeed advice badly!?
talk to the manager just in never know if he wants to meet you personally before he just gives you the job
I think you should turn in another application just in case the managers wife didn't give it to him.Need advice badly!?
Just wait, if nothing happens then you can just get a job online, alot of people do that. Or you can get a job where some of your friends that live around you work so then you can get a ride with them and just pay them for the gas.
yes turn in the applications or u can ask other people that work there what did they do

here r sum suggestions sweety

1. ask family if u can work with them like if they own a buisness or sumthing like that

2. idk but u could cut grass like my sister lol

3. babysit

When I was around your age I worked for a similar business. When people came in and filled out applications, the manager smiled and promised to keep them on file. As soon as they left, he threw them out. Here's how he really hired: when he actually had an opening, the next decent candidate who came in and applied got the job on the spot. Moral of the story -- apply regularly. Stop by and ask how things are going. Be friendly, polite %26amp; persistent. Good luck!
Being dependent on your parent at 17 is not a bad thing, enjoy it cause the real world isn't that great and you will learn bills suck.

I would recommend turning another app into Subway. It won't hurt and if the notice it they will see how committed you are. Also explain to them how close you live, that is a huge bonus to an employer to know you can get to work quickly and reliably.

Your best bet at the Winn Dixie is to just go in and talk to some people. Ask if they are hiring, ask to see the manager. If they still send you to the website then just fill out another app online.
You need to be persistent when looking for a job. Put in your applications and follow up on them. Don't expect them to call you, you have to take the initiative to show them you want the job. Also, employers are busy they have lots of things to take care of.

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