Thursday, February 23, 2012

How many hours should i work?

Im 17 and im applying to target,kmart, and subway. I want to work 4 hours on mon, tues, and fri, and just 3 hours on wed and thurs. And then i would work around 5 maybe 6 hours on sat, nothing on sun. This would be 23,24 hours a week for part time. Is this enough hours for me to work? Because my friend said he works at kmart everyday from 4-10, except on wed(hes off) and then 5 hours on sat. Thats 30 hours. So basically my question is, is 24 hours part time for 16 yr old too little for a company like subway to even look at my application? WOuld they need someone to work more hours?How many hours should i work?
First of all, no one will hire you with a specific availability like that. Those places have certain shifts they need to fix. No availability on Sunday will also not help you get a job!

Next, depending on the state you live in you may not be able to work that many hours. In Michigan you could work a maximum of 18.

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