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I'm a teen and I need advice on getting a job?

I'm 17, and I'd like to get a job for the summer, and maybe longer if I can manage my school work and a part-time job. Here are my questions:

1.) I would also like to volunteer at a veterinary clinic this summer, so if I got a part time job, would I be able to work several days and then have a couple of days a week off for that?

2.) If I write part time on the application, does that mean I HAVE to work 20 hours a week? Could I work more if I decided I wanted to?

3.) I have never had a job, but I've applied twice at a theatre in my town. I never got any calls from them and I'm worried no one wants to hire teens in this economy who have never had a job. Are places hiring more adults than teens?

4.) If I want to work somewhere like Subway, do I go into the store and ask for an application? Also, there are two Subways in my town. If I apply at one, do they share applications with the other Subway, or should I apply at both?

5.) How much can I expect to make? I know most places pay minimum wage, which is like 7.25-7.50, so after they taxes out taxes and everything they take from your pay how much would I make a week working part time?I'm a teen and I need advice on getting a job?
1.) yes. when you get hired your boss will talk to you about the days you work and when you will be available. Some places need people to work specific days, so if you can't you should let them now.

2.) I work part time at my job and i get 28 hours a week, so yes, you should be able too.

3.) It does look better on your application if you have worked before. I recommend calling the places and talking to the manager after you put in an application(it makes it look like you really want the job).

4.) I would apply at both subways because no all corporations are connected.

5.) Usually places start out paying minumum wage. How much they take out depends on the insurance they give you. which you eventually get back.I'm a teen and I need advice on getting a job?
Smartie - look at all the Q's here on YA and multiply that by 10,000...that is close to the # of people looking for work right now. You will be blessed to get PT work anywhere you can. Subway ( and 98% of all companies) probably accept apps online only and yes, it will be min wage unless an employer is very generous. Look at the state and cities job websites in your area for openingsI'm a teen and I need advice on getting a job?
You have a lot on your mind don't you!

I'll try to answer part of your question.

Yes, you can volunteer and work at the same time. When you get a job, you fill out your availability. You don't have to be available 7 days a week; pick 3 or 4 days you can work and then plan to work at the vet clinic the other days. Make sure you're able to work at your paying job during the weekends though; they like that, as that's when it's busiest.

Part-time means anything from 0 - 35 hours a week. It will vary from week to week, and it's up to you to communicate up to how many hours you'd be willing to work each week.

When you apply for jobs, make a follow-up call the day after, or even a few days after to express interest. Who knows; they might be impressed that you took initiative and invite you in for an interview! Try to sell yourself as it's naturally harder to get a job when you have never had one.

Apply to each location of the store or restaurant you want to work at; they don't share resumes/applications.I'm a teen and I need advice on getting a job?
Ignore all of the online things, there nothing but scams.

If you apply for a part time position that doesnt necessarily mean you can only work part time hours. Im sure if you explain then they'll give you more or less hours some days as needed.

Places are hiring more adults than younger people. All these people trying to support families need the job alot more than a teen living at home. Its good and bad. I was in your position for almost a year.

You should go in and ask for an application. A lot of places have an internet application option but employers would much rather see the person plus it shows a little more interest in the job. I would go by both places. Although if it is an application over the internet it most likely is shared with both places.

As for working part time starting off im guessing around 130 bucks or so a week when paid around minimum wage.
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