Thursday, February 23, 2012

Job follow up??????!!!!?

on june 19th i handed my application and resume to subway. i called them on june 23 to check my status. i asked if they had looked at my apllication and resume...the girl i talked to remembered me when i handed it in and she even said shell put stars on my stuff and said she thought i was a anyways she said that subway was still recruiting people and asked for my number and name and said that theyll call if theres anything new.

how long would i have to wait until they call me?

its already july 1st....should i call agian to check my status and if so...what do i say?

do you think i still have a chance to get a job?!Job follow up??????!!!!?
I would put my application in to several places. There is no guarantee you will even get a call. If you want to work for Subway you could put your application in at several locations as most places hire from store to store. Good Luck!

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