Friday, February 3, 2012

Applying at a subway?

I asked for an application at a subway. I filled it out, but when I went to turn it in, the manager told me to call a number at the top of the application. So when I got home I called it. It was like an automated telephone interview. The person said congratulations and that a manager will call my house.

So what's the application for? Did I pass the phone interview?

What other benefits do I get at working at Subway?Applying at a subway?
This happened to me once too, it was like an automatic robot talking to me and i was like yea yea what ever to all of them in a positive way, and it said congrats to....and the next day i went to the store and they were like "hello William, blah blah blah" and so they told me to start the next day and it was the next day and there were 3 new people there, they weren't the people from yesterday so i was like "Hola im William i came here yesterday regarding my job" and they were like "Mi No Espanol" WTFFFFF?! so i quit and was like forget it.Applying at a subway?

Sandwich Artist
You either get to ride the train for free, or eat foot long sandwiches for free.Applying at a subway?
no u didnt pass the phone interview, u get free sandwiches i guess
I am sure the telephone interview is simliar to filling out applications online. There are behavioral tests they do to find out more about you and your personality. Of course, my opinion is that they are not completely accurate but hey who am I to judge.

You might have been asked questions relating to how you react socially with people etc. I am not really sure. But if your answers match the criteria of what they are looking for you will receive a call.

Telephone interviews help them filter out applicants. I am sure they receive a lot, especially with the economy. Most companies do not have time to interview every single person. So that is just one way of them learning about you and whether you are basically worth a face to face interview.

Good luck !Applying at a subway?
Like any appliclation, although this is a weird one, its now a waiting game. Jobs that I apply for can take a month to call back, if corporate has to verify who you are blah blah blah and approve you before the manager can even call you in, you just have to wait. you can go or call the manager now that you did that process and see what he says about it. Keep applying as this didnt happen, you could wind up being hired somewhere else instead before subway even calls.......
ummmmm... WTF! I don't know whats up with all these new hiring practices, just go to the store and ask for the manager the old fashioned way. I haven't been able to find a job in months so I gave up, GOOD LUCK THOUGH!

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