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How do I apply to work at McDonalds, Subway, or Burger King?

I'm trying to get a job, I'm 15 and I live in st.john's, newfoundland canada so i'm able to work.

Do i go to the restaurant, ask for the manager, and give him my resume?

do i ask for an application?

hellppppHow do I apply to work at McDonalds, Subway, or Burger King?
You want to be visible. You want to be remembered. Go in person and ask for an application. After you have it filled out, take it back with a copy of your resume and give both to the manager. Always be ready for an on the spot interview. Wear nice clothes. Have hair styled nicely. Take off any piercing you may have especially tongue studs.

Do your follow up. If you haven't heard back from anyone, go back in a week and find out if you can answer any questions regarding the application and resume you have left with the manager.

Always do follow up in person, never over the phone.

Good luck!How do I apply to work at McDonalds, Subway, or Burger King?
These days, you should always apply in person instead of just submitting an application online. Due to the bad economy, way too may people are applying for the same job as you are at any given time.

The biggest mistake these people make is to apply online without visiting these potential employers in person thinking they will get a call-back. However, most often, the call never comes! This is because these companies have ten times more application than they used to and it's difficult for them to keep up with all the applications.

That's why it's so important for you to walk into Mcdees, Subway, or BK that you want to work in and ask for an application in person. People love hiring people they can see and have an idea about, so make sure you make a great first impression by dressing in clean, crisp clothing (no jeans).

Before you start, visit each company's web site to get an idea of which restaurants are hiring in your area. Once you have this information, it's time to plan on visiting these locations in person instead of just submitting an online application.!

Once you are inside the restaurant, tell someone (usually one of the cashiers) why you are there, and politely ask to speak with the manager or assistant manager. Let them know you would like to apply for a position with them and ask them how they would like for you to proceed.

Sometimes they will tell you to fill out an application on the spot, and sometimes they will tell you to fill out an application online. Either way, you will have made a connection with the person who is telling you this information, and it's also a great time to provide a resume if you have one.

Follow the instructions this person has given you, then follow up every week for at least a month. Never, ever just follow up over the phone. People like human contact and won't take you as seriously if they can't interact with you in person; it's just human nature.
1. ask a work any work usually one at cashier for an application. you can leave them your resume at this time also.

2. they may not hire you though.

3. look for help wanted sign or Now hiring sign.

4. even if they dont have a sign they still can add you so just chance it apply anyways theirs no harm done if you dont get hired theirs tons more places to apply at.

5. try checking craigslist in your area at it can help find a job really fast.How do I apply to work at McDonalds, Subway, or Burger King?
Either go to their website online or go to the store in person if they do not do applications online.

You give your resume at the interview

and you just ask the manager for an application to apply there.

However I heard you have to be 18 to work at Subway, but that is just what i heard not 100% Sure.
they have applications online or you can visit the restaurant you'd like to work at. Ask the cashier for an application %26amp; they will hand you one. Fill it out, hand it to the manager working. He/she will call you if they like to see you for an interview.How do I apply to work at McDonalds, Subway, or Burger King?
You can just go to the store to fill out an application. I recommend going in during their down times though and filling it out there if you have tine. Best time to go is between 2pm-4pm.
Just go into the restaurants and ask if you can fill out an application. You can also leave your resume with them too. Good luck!
go to the place you want to work at and apply there or you can go apply online.
Just go into places and ask for applications. But be aware that some places want you to fill out a online.

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