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I need help with a subway job!?

the subway near my house has a big sign that says "nowhiring" so im guessing they need a bunch of employees.

ive worked at burger king and a cellphone acessories place before so i put those two on my application!

i have my app in a laminated folder type of thing to make it look nice when i turn it in. so i was wondering what is a good way i can jus impress the nmanager and get the job on the spot. i dont wana hear "we'll call you" again, like i usually get at places when their not really hiring. my friends brother is also a DM for subway so i put his name as a reference. alot of my friends work at subway so maybe that will get me a good advantage? i really need this job. any advice?I need help with a subway job!?
Make sure that you tell your references what they should say about you.

If you can get a teacher, pastor or other adult with some credibility to write you a letter of recommendation, get it and bring it with you to show with your application. It's a good idea in general to ask someone to write you a general letter of recommendation that you can use for any job you may apply for.

Make sure that you tell the interviewer that you know about food safety and helping the customers and working fast from your experience at Burger King.

Go into Subway dressed well (no hat) and look the person in the eye when interviewing. Be friendly and nice. Take out any visible piercings and cover any tattoos. Make sure your hair is clean and neat, same with your fingernails. Good shoes. Not a lot of jewelry. Clothes that fit you well and are clean and not wrinkled.

Make sure that they know that you eat at Subway and that you have taken the time to go into the restaurants to familiarize yourself with what each person in the restaurant does. (if you haven't done this yet, do it)

Tell them that you are ready to work right now, TODAY. (you have your black pants and shoes in your bag or your car)

Come early. Don't cut the time close and come late, or with excuses.

Have someone proofread your application. I am hoping that you didn't fill it out like you wrote this question, and that you won't speak like you wrote this question. Speak clearly and don't use slang.

Employers are looking for someone that will show up every day, need minimal training or supervision, be friendly to customers, do a good job, and won't scare off the public with a scowl, or how they look.

If they say that they are not really hiring right now, ask them if they know of someone who is hiring or if they have an opening in another Subway (often they own more than one Subway restaurant). Also, ask them if they will put you on a standby list to work if someone doesn't show up for work because they are sick, or if you can work, right now, a shift for free or for the cost of a lunch, so that they can see that you are a good worker. Even if they say No, sometimes showing some initiative can make a difference in who they call back later.

Good luck. I hope that you can find something. If this doesn't work out and you need money, you might look into advertising yourself to do "odd jobs" for people. Many folks need help hauling stuff out of a basement, cleaning a garage, shoveling snow, etc. and would pay for someone reliable to help.I need help with a subway job!?
I would try and talk to the owner or the manager. If you have already given them you interview I would stop by after school or either at non prime hours and ask to speak to the manager. If he or she is not there talk to who ever is in charge and see if you can get them to like you and aks them what you need to do to get the job. Tell them about the friends you have working at Subway etc.

Be agressive let them know you want to work their

Good LuckI need help with a subway job!?
Maybe you could get your brother to talk to the district manager / manager of the store you are applying to?

That sounds like a very reasonable idea, if your friends work at the store that would be good too.

Just tell them you have food service experience. Talk to the manager when you put your app in so that you can tell him about yourself.

And keep calling back asking if they've checked your app too.I need help with a subway job!?
It seems like you have a pretty good shot. Make sure your friends say good things about you to the manager! Good luck!
subway as in trains or subway where u eat....

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