Monday, February 6, 2012

Is subway good for you spirit?

I am filling out an application late at night for subway. I do not know the hours it opens and closes. I've looked at websites that give subway hours open-close. However the websites all give different times of operation. So not all subways open and close at the same time. I've tried to specify the subway i'm applying for to find it's hours, but it does not give them. I've looked for hours on subway official website and i cannot find any mention.

The subway i'm trying to find hours for is located at 9216th 247th street east Graham, WA Zip:98338

If you find this subways hours i'll choose best answer to the first one to find them.Is subway good for you spirit?
if you can look up their address why don't you just find their number to call them and ask.

my friend worked there for two days... he took the title as "sandwich artist" way too seriously.



i think this might be the one, but it's a different address鈥?/a>

and even though it's late out they might have a recorded message saying their business hours.Is subway good for you spirit?
Funny you didn't get this information before you applied.

The usual thing is to state on the application what hours you are available to work. Remember that before they open and after they close, there is usually at least an hour of set up and clean up. So just subtract out when you are in school and give them a 24-hour clock minus that time. Then you are telling them that you are willing to change your wake-sleep cycle to accommodate the needs of the job.
Nothing shows up at that address o Google Maps.

However, the Subway web site lists this address:

9909 224th E

Graham Town Center

Graham WA 98338


Why don't you just call them tomorrow, and ASK?

MOST stores are open during lunch hours, so you are pretty dafe going there or calling between 11am-2pm.

For a 19-year-old, you don't seem very self-sufficient or imaginative or resourceful!

And again, why IS this in the religion and spirituality forum?Is subway good for you spirit?
what does subway have to do with spirit?

It is a job. you can mention the hours you can work in your application but that is liable to limit the chance you will be hired.

Young people should not be working too late. You have school and it may be dangerous to be out alone very late.
Hecka yeah its good for your spirit, eating subway always makes me super happy lol, nummy nummy in my tummy!!!

Oh, i forgot that had nothing to do with what you wanted lol.

Yeah what i think is that you asked a pretty dumb question in my eyes. just go in and ask, or call. plus, you don't really have to get technical with the hours you could work. discuss it when you go in for the interview. as for the application, just write 'any', until you can work it out with the employer after you get hired.Is subway good for you spirit?
it is good to kill hunger
MMMMM, I haz a sammich?
I'll have the meatball sub. Thanks...and make it snappy!!
If the store has its own web site, then that "overrides" the corporate web site (it means the store is an independent one). I'd go by the individual store's web site in that case, and the hours they post. If all else fails, drive by the store or call them and ask. It's not all that tough to pick up your phone and give them a quick call. It's so close to Fort Lewis that I suspect it'll be open pretty late.

As for your spirit - you'll have to answer that one for yourself.

Edit: What? Your car doesn't crank after midnight or something? I'm in the same time zone as you, Genius, and not much more than 50 miles north. You think you're the only person who lives west of the Cascades????

Geezus; with your attitude, I'd be surprised if you can get (or keep) ANY job.

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