Friday, February 3, 2012

Job application to subways??????

so on tuesday i went to get an application from subway because its right near my house and im in need of started to rain when i was walking so my paper got all wrinkly. so on wendsday i went back there and the same grl who gave me my first application gave me another....she even askd why im getting another one but i told her my story. then yesterday on thursday i handed my resume and application..and it was the same girl agian....i was in a rush and my cousin wanted me to go to dunkin donuts so...the employee was like ill take the application for i gave it to her and she tacked on the bullinten board in the back.

my brother said i should of asked for the manager and give it did i messed up?

and i was wondering how long would i have to wait until i know if i got the job or not or maybe even an i get a letter or a call....or should i call them, if so when should i??Job application to subways??????
You're fine, just call and ask for the manager in a few days and tell them you just wanted to make sure they got your application. You'll probably get set up with an interview then.Job application to subways??????
call like 2 or 3 days later to check up on your application, but giving it to the manager is always a good thing because you can introduce yourself and get a good impression.

i worked at subway for a year and a half and i didn't give my application to the manager.

you should be fine if you are who they want.
No I don't think you messed up in giving the application to the employee, cause I do in that situation! I would wait probably 1 week and do a follow up call or drop by there to see if the manager has looked at your resume and application. I don't think Subway sends out letters to people who apply for jobs or even calls them back.Job application to subways??????
you should call them before their lunch %26amp; in the late afternoon.

when they are not busy. call in a week.

Say, My name is Jenny %26amp; I am checking on the status of my job application.

I am 31 years old %26amp; I am in the same process as you looking for work.
Always call them and bug them about your application because if you don't then they probably won't get back to you. You have to be assertive and you have to show them that you really want this job by being persistent about it. I think you did well by giving it to whoever was working at the time. Best hopes.Job application to subways??????
hey sexii how are you ? well i first want to say very cool name....... i dont know where your from but i put an app. in at arbys and got a job right away and i have already made shift manager..... the people are pretty cool some are my friends now ..... so you should ckeck it out....... let me know.....
Most likely the manager will get your application. It is always good to call after a few days of waiting, cause then they know you are truely interested in the job.
Your best bet now is call their phone number and ask for a manager?
She shouldn't have tacked it up like that for everyone and their brother to read your personal info..

You can hand the app to anyone that's available, but it's always best to speak with the manager personally.

I would call the manager first thing on Monday, and tell her that you're checking the status of your application. If the manager can't find it, tell the manger that you gave it to an employee and they tacked it on the board. You don't have to say anything about you being in a rush. Good luck :)
well first things first. When you are job go by yourself.

Next, giving a resume to a manager is a little bit better, because then you can have a mini interview on the spot...

most of the time.

Be a little bit wary of giving resumes to employees. The employee might think...I don't want that skank working here...or geez, if SHE gets hired, my shifts are going to get cut back. Then they just throw your application away. Believe me, it happens.

Yes, you should call the store maybe on monday if they haven't called you and ask to speak to the manager. Give her your name and let her know that you brought in a were wondering if she has seen it...are there any job openings etc.......

Make sure you are not eating or listening to loud music or popping gum in the phone while you call her/him. Since its Subway...THINK...don't call right at lunchtime!!! Call around 10 AM or 3PM...not between 11am and 1PM

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