Monday, February 6, 2012

Subway as a first job?

I'm getting ready to go and get an application from my local Subway restaurant. I'm nervious, but I wanna work there. It seems easy, and it's a small envirement. I really hope I get this job! It will also be my first job:) I just have a few questions. (hopefully get answers from people that work/have worked at subway)

1. I wanna be a sandwhich artist, so do I HAVE to work the cash register? (I'm terrible with money)

2. what's the best (not so busy) shift?

3. When does lunch rush start and end?

4. What are the interview questions like?

Thank you!Subway as a first job?
hey im a part time sandwich artist! but i do night shift so i do from 4pm til 1130pm =) when I arrive at 4 it is usually quite busy, but it always dies down by 5! Saturdays are absolutely hectic!!

I basically just make sandwiches and go down to the till, because its not too busy, so i can do it all in one go and my boss just does stuff in the back! the till is nothing! and if you are doing daytime and it's busy you tend to swap around quite a lot so you're not stuck on it =) you definitely will have to work the the cash register but its fairly simple and touch screen =) and if you are on night shift, your boss/superviser will usually come through and finish that bit off and let you carry on with whatever else =)

Night shift is definitely the best!!! and they are quite eager to get night shifters.. and its really funny when drunk people come in =) theyre never violent or anyhting, and if they are the subway will have a wwalky talky to get police from surrounding places really quick! but thats never happened =) and you don't get too bored because there is alwaya a steady flow of customers, and then all the other times you clean the microwaves and stock up the food =D

my interview was really odd because they called me in and gave me a uniform and told me they were gonna do a practical interview, where they just saw if i was good at making sandwiches lol, and i didnt get asked anything =D but im not sure if your branch will do that it depends on the franchisee =)

so yeah, i think subway would be an amazing first job! my first job was in a shop, superdrug, which sells make up and toileteries, it was sooo rubbish!!! subway is the best!!!! =D

and you get free footlongs and unlimited drinks and cookiessss =DSubway as a first job?
The interview questions are very generic so dont worry. Lunch rush actually starts at around 11:30 and ends at 1:00. The least busy shift is at night from 7:00 to close. At subway you work the table at four stages. You start out pulling and cutting the bread. Then you will be in charge of putting on the meats. Then you will be put the vegetables on the sandwich. Lastly you will work the register. Dont worry, you will learn, its actually a pretty easy system, but with all the substitutions it can be confusing at times. You should be fine though, Good Luck.Subway as a first job?
yes i did it and its fun!

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