Thursday, February 16, 2012

Teen Job Application Help?

I'm 15 and In high school and in the process of applying for a job at subway. It says to list my school and I put my high school and that I've been there for 2 years cause I am a sophomore, but then it ask for my field of study? I'm in high school and don't really have on. What do I put.

And Idea for references? I don't know who to put.

Please help, I really need a job.Teen Job Application Help?
put college route disciplines.Teen Job Application Help?
Put what you really like to do. As in what you think you would major in, in college. Or just pick a subject you really like. If you know what job you want to have when you get out of college pick whatever subject that's in.

I really hope this helped you!Teen Job Application Help?
Subway wouldn't hire a 15 year old. I turned 18 recently, and it has become so much easier to apply to jobs, not only because of age, but because I need it for college expenses. But good luck. Try to find a job with your local gov. They usually have paid internships for high-school students.Teen Job Application Help?
Put your major and for references put family members if they allow you, if not pick some teachers you know.

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