Thursday, February 9, 2012

Working at subway.?

i am planning to work at subway because its close to my house--first i have to fill out an application!!!

i was wondering what its like..

and for those who work/worked there--what kind of questions did they ask YOU when they were interviewing you for the job??

Subway is the only fast food place(sorta) i willl work at.Working at subway.?
i never worked there but a guy i dated worked there and he loves it, he still works there. it's been a few years now...and they probably ask standard ?'s...

Tell them you have good customer service and you are enthusiastic and willing to work and show up on time...Just talk yourself up.Working at subway.?
Hey there!

I've worked at a subway!

First of all, i handed in a resume.

I then got given a form to fill in about avalibility, address etc. On the back were some questions like "If a customer says ten cents was missing from their change what do you do?". I wrote to check the amounts were correct and if in doubt to give then the ten cents.

There were some numeracy questions like "a customer gave you $4.80, bought a $2.00 item, how much change would you give them?" You also had to write down how much of each coin: eg: 3 20 cent coins, 1 ten cent coin etc.

These questions were easy and straight forward and i was allowed to spend as much time on it as i wanted.

At the interview they asked if i had any previous working experience and what my avalibility was. The interview probably went for less than ten minutes and all the questions were easy peasy, nothing hard at all.

The person interviewing me was only one year older than myself and i was the second person he had ever interviewed.

You have nothing to worry about, go for it i'm sure you will do well.

cya!Working at subway.?
just about your work ethivcWorking at subway.?
I worked there when I was 14, and I found out that most of the stores are franchised, so its hard to guess what they will ask. Good Luck.
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