Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working at Subway?

I'm 16, living in Connecticut and would like to know how much you get paid.

ALSO, how many hours a week can I work and is it possible for me to work 3 hours a day after school and 6 hours on weekends. I would like to do this so I added them up and got 27 hours a week. But on the application, it says "how many hours available for work" and I don't know if I just put 27 per week will make them think that I want to work 3 after school.Working at Subway?
15 dollars is a lot for someone working at subway. I think they make like around $8 per hour. it is a good idea to put "open" under salary desired so they do not reject you because you asked for too much. as for the hours i would put 25-30 and then in the interview let them know what hours you want to work. good luck to youWorking at Subway?
A) "The Cashier Fast Food Restaurant working in Hartford, Connecticut now earns an average annual salary of 17,941. Half of those in this position would earn between 13,327 and 20,634 (the 17th and 67th percentiles). These numbers are

derived from area-specific government survey data."

1) -$6.23/hr is close to:17,941/year if I did my math right-

2) The above quote ( A ) was found in the context of an educated-estimate of your location, skills, and how much you can lift; if you edit these quanities you may get a different answer, but it is probably unlikely.

3) Links to above ( A ) and more to follow....Working at Subway?
You should probably put "minimum wage" or a dollar or so over it in the "desired wage" space.

Some Subways have a tip jar, too, and though you have to split it with your coworkers, on a busy day it can add up.

On the application, say "between 20-30 hours a week." It lets them know you are flexible.

You get a free sandwich every shift you work, too.

Good luck! Hope you get the job!Working at Subway?
well i would say 15 dollars an hour is pretty good for a 16 yr old i mean my sister is 17 and she get 11 dollars. see how much it works out

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