Monday, February 6, 2012

16 and applying for subway?

Ok im oging to print the application out in like an hour and then later today my dads takin me to subway, when i ask for the manager, or idk what to do help?? But will they interview me? And do they really care or will they give you the job? Also i go to florida every summer to see family should itell him/her that in the interview? Thank you and give some other tips16 and applying for subway?
Yes, they will interview but, not sure how quickly. It will really depend on what their need is at this time. I've known teenagers that were 16 %26amp; worked at Subway so that should not make any difference in you getting hired.

You asked if you should tell them about your trip during the summer to see your family. I would not bring that up at the first interview but, if you have another or before you get hired let them know that your family already has planned to visit family for the summer. Then, ask if they can work around this schedule or will that be a problem.

When you go for you interview dress neatly, arrive for interview a few minutes early, answer all questions honestly, (if don't understand question ask that they repeat or rephrase), just be yourself %26amp; try to be relaxed. During the interview try to keep eye contact with the manager instead of looking around. Good Luck!!16 and applying for subway?
Ask for the manager - don't just hand it off to an employee that is the quickest way for your application to get lost with the other apps. Just tell them you are interested in any open position and you would like to start gaining customer service experience. They most likely won't interview you on the spot, the manager may ask you a couple of questions or even ask you when you would like to come in for an interview, but they won't give you one right on the spot. If you can, create a quick resume even if you have little to none experience, it will give you a push over the other applications. And do not tell them that you go to Florida in the interview unless they ask if you have any time restrictions other than school. Normally after you get the job let them know that and if they keep you good, if they need to replace you no biggy just look for another job. And every job really cares, they don't just hire anyone even if it is the fast food industry. You have a good chance though, a lot of high schoolers work at the subway near my house. Good luck!16 and applying for subway?
I worked at Subway when I was 16. Just dress nice and ask to speak with the manager to schedule an interview. Don't expect to be interviewed right there on the spot. You should not bring up that you go to Florida every summer as that just gives them a reason not to hire you. However, if they ask you something to that effect, do not lie about it. Be respectful, look the manager in the eye, and make it clear that you are excited about working for Subway. One great thing about working there is all the free sandwiches! Good luck!

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