Monday, February 6, 2012

I would like a job at Subway?

How do people usually apply for jobs? Do they go to the place and ask for an application and if they do isn't that kinda awkward? Like what do you say? If I want to work at subway do i order food first and then when i get to pay be like ohh btw can i see the manager? And then if the manager isn't available it's just awkward. I really need a job. I'm 17 btwI would like a job at Subway?
try this:鈥?/a>

and apply.I would like a job at Subway?
I'v been working at subway for about 3 weeks and its good because i like who i work with, also the job is pretty easy its just repetitive. When i applied i just walked in and askeed if they where hiring and they said yes and said come in next thursday, I didnt really get an interview i just started working LOL. Good luck!!I would like a job at Subway?
Just visit their website and fill out an application. Make sure to have open availability and answer the questions truthfully. Also make sure to stop by the store and ask if they are hiring.I would like a job at Subway?
thats what i did just walk in

ask for application. whats the point having it

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