Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Job at Subway Restaurant?

I've never had a job before (unless you count paper boy when I was like 12) and I'm 18 now. I'm going to apply at Subway tomorrow and I need some help. 1. Do you need to include a resume with the application (I wouldn't have much to put on it)?

2. On the application where it asks about past jobs what do I put there?

3. On the application it asks if I will be a part time, full time, seasonal or temporary employee can you explain those to me like how much hours per week they involve?

4. Is there an interview and if there is what type of questions will I need to know?

5. It also asks about education ... I have just graduated high school and I'm going to university in the fall of 09 so what do i put in? high school graduate or university student?

Thanks for your helpFirst Job at Subway Restaurant?
Subway was my first job! I had "worked" a little in a friends parents restuarant before, but subway was my first real job.

1. Not usually for fast food. These jobs are mostly for teens and new employees. Usually on the application there are areas where you can include schools, clubs, hobbies, strengths...etc.

2. Put that you were a paperboy!!

3. full time is usually 40+, part time is less than 40 usually half, seasonal is like if you only wanted to work for the summer and temporary is like holiday help.

4. There will be an interview. Again, this is subway, not NASA. Be yourself!! They wont ask you anything you wont be able to answer. Wear something nice, nice pants and shirt. Take out piercings, cover tattoos. Talk clearly and dont use any slang

5.Put highshool graduate and also put that you will be attending school in the fall. It will show them two things, one that you have goals and two that they will have to accomadate your schedule when the time comes.

GOOD LUCK!!!First Job at Subway Restaurant?

media consultant

put full-time (more hrs/pay)

yes. do u look good in pink caps ?

studying 2009

H/S grad

my pleasure

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