Thursday, February 9, 2012

Subway Restaurant ????????????????????????

I've never had a job before (unless you count paper boy when I was like 12) and I'm 18 now. I'm going to apply at Subway tomorrow and I need some help. 1. Do you need to include a resume with the application (I wouldn't have much to put on it)?

2. On the application where it asks about past jobs what do I put there?

3. On the application it asks if I will be a part time, full time, seasonal or temporary employee can you explain those to me like how much hours per week they involve?

4. Is there an interview and if there is what type of questions will I need to know?

5. It also asks about education ... I have just graduated high school and I'm going to university in the fall of 09 so what do i put in? high school graduate or university student?

Thanks for your helpSubway Restaurant ????????????????????????
1. No, a resume is not needed for subway.

2. If you had a paper route job, put it down. It will ask from when to when, so you might need to remember that.

3. What do you want to work? Part time can be anywhere from a few hours a week to thirty or thirty five every other week or so. It depends. Full time would be consistently over thirty two hours per week. Seasonal is just for the summer or for a few months and that's it. Temporary would mean about the same thing. You would have to talk to someone after they hire you about the hours.

4. If they call you for an interview, or you need to do an interview right away, let them know any questions you have. I think one of the questions is what would you do if someone said they didn't want lettuce on their sub but you put lettuce on it? Just be honest.

5. I would put down that you graduated and are enrolling in college.

Best of luck to you future sandwhich artist.Subway Restaurant ????????????????????????
just fill out the application that they supplySubway Restaurant ????????????????????????
well first of all no i don't think you would need a resume for subway..second of all subway will hire anyone so just put what jobs you've had and if none just say so, part time is like 20 hours a week, full time is like 40 hours, seasonal means working during the busy season wherever it is that you live, interview wise, just say the answers they want to hear, use your judgement, just go w/ the flow say what they want to hear ya know? education? just tell the truth...they probably don't give a **** they just want someone to make a sandwich...don't sweat it too much

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