Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help! Teen trying to get a job at Subway.?

I am a teen in need of a job. I am thinking on applying at Subway. I know that you are suppose to turn in your application to the manager, but I never see a Manager at Subway. Is he there at a certain time? and if so, what time can I usually talk to he/she? I am not able to see the manager, whatelse could I do instead?

Also, just a question of curiousity. Do you think Subway is more likely to hire smarter students or does that not really matter?Help! Teen trying to get a job at Subway.?
Usually retail/food managers R present between 9am-3pm. U can always call subway and ask when the manager will be in. Ur GPA isn't really a factor when choosing an employee. They concentrate more on work experience.

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