Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Apply for a Second Job (Subway)?

I am presently working at a location, but wish to fill in vacant hours/days at Subway or somewhere similar. When applying at Subway, should I list my Current Employer under my Work History? Or would that just get awkward (I don't want Subway to contact her and her to think that I'm replacing the job she gave me). In order for me to send the application, I have to agree that I have not omitted any information or given false information. Do you think that a PRESENT Employer should be placed under Work HISTORY? I am very confused and just want these two jobs to be kept as separate as possible... Thank you so much!How to Apply for a Second Job (Subway)?
Be truthful and let the second employer know exactly what you are doing. Be honest, that's always the best bet.

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