Friday, February 3, 2012

How to follow up on a job application?

so i applied for Starbucks, in n out, target, and subway it has been a week how do i follow up on my job application ?How to follow up on a job application?
You just call and say

Hello my name is _____. I sent in an application a week ago and I'm just calling to check up on it.

And then answer whatever they have to say. It's really easy!

Also, I don't know what the person below me is talking about! Calling in to check up on an application shows initiative. Usually when you call they pull your application up on the computer or out of the stack for a closer look. If they aren't hiring, you probably don't have much of a chance unless you have superior qualities, but calling in gets your name out there and gets your application an extra look! Definitely do it!How to follow up on a job application?
The best way is to ring them up and be polite and just say that you are enquiring as to whether your application for the (insert the title of the role) job role has been receieved. A lot of people do that when they apply for jobs and it will make you stand out as they will ask for your name and it will make you look really keen as well.How to follow up on a job application?
The reality is that there is really no advantage in following up on a job application.

They will make up their mind when they are ready. It is unlikely that you are so fantastic that they feel they need you over everyone else no matter what.

So all you can do is wait.

Actually you don't have to wait, you can be out applying for more work.

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