Monday, February 6, 2012

I want to work at subway?

Do I just walk in and ask the person working for an application or do I ask for the manager? I've never done this so any advice?I want to work at subway?
I work at Subway and you can't put in a application online. You can print one off and bring it in the store but you probably would have to fill another one out in store because the online lacks the math test on the back that is required. Put in the application and I would check in three days later. FYI, the manager is usually there from 8 to 5 and the best time to call is before 10 and after 2 because they won't have time for you during the lunch rush.I want to work at subway?
Hey! I am glad you are applying for a job. I would look rather professional. Like jeans and a tshirt and maybe some nice tennis shoes or sandals. I mean it is only subway and appearance is everything. Oh and remember no holes in the jeans and no stains on the tshirt especially for an interview. Now it's time to get the application. You can go online and see if there is an online application or you can just ask the person at the counter for an application. I know my first time getting applications was nerve racking, but i had my best friend with me who has done it all before so that calmed me a bit. So maybe try taking a friend with you and you guys can apply together! Good Luck!!! =]I want to work at subway?
apply online:鈥?/a>I want to work at subway?
Apply online, but come in the next day for a follow up, tell the manager you put in an application online and inquiry if he or she has had a chance to look at it. They like to see that you really want the job

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