Friday, February 3, 2012

Interview at Subway help?

So I turned in an application at Subway yesterday because they have the "now hiring" sign up. I figure they are hiring since some workers are most likely leaving for college in a few weeks. One girl I know got hired yesterday and told me to hurry and apply.

When I went in yesterday, the manager wasn't there, so I gave my application to a girl over the counter who said she'd leave it on the managers desk. So today I called and asked if the manager had received my application yet. The girl on the phone told me that I can come to talk to the manager about my application tomorrow morning at 8. So, is this an interview? Should I dress as such? And if so, any tips because I am not so good at interviews.Interview at Subway help?
Be confident, speak clearly, no heavy makeup, clear nail polish, Hair pulled back from your face, no jewelry, perfume or any heavy scent. Board of Health rules are very strictInterview at Subway help?
Well i have never had to come for a job interview but based on observation and what they say at the business college i went to, it seems dressing as smart as possible is a good thing. It really depends. I live in Washington DC some of the time and there are a lot of Karibou and Starbucks and many fast food places around. The college students being interviewed are are dressed in a smart yet casual manner most of the time. But if you were applying for a position in a corporate setting then dressing as formal as possible is a must. To be on the safe side dress formally. Answer questions as honestly as you can and as confidently as you can. If anything ask your friend for tips since she has been through the process. Good luck. AND TRY TO SHOW UP ON TIME. BE THERE AT LEAST AN HOUR EARLY. Good luck.

By the way minimize facial and hair makeup especially on the hands,,,you will be handling food-stuffs after all and i am sure your boss is going to be on the look out for such things i guess.
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