Friday, February 3, 2012

Subway Interview how did it go?

So I was sitting with my cousin and my childhood friend, My cousin is a senior in high school real smart 3.98 gpa and she is already in medical classes to be a medical assistant! Then my friend she took advance classes in high school. My cousin has a file holder of all these other places shes applying to and my friend only has a resume (not even times new roman size 12 font)... I am sitting there with a a cover letter then my resume then my application to subway and under it food handlers certificate.

I get my interview they tell me your in high school? I said yes, i am 16.

They asked me if i had a car or a car to use i said not until september when i get my license?

they didn't ask me a lot of questions really tho?

good or bad?

do you think i outshine most applicants?

most people didnt even have a food handlers certificate at hand or a cover letter and resume?

is this good? or did i just out shine the high schooler category(they put applicants in a category if theres a lot of them which there was)Subway Interview how did it go?
Usually with teens, they want to make sure you have reliable transportation. I didn't get hired somewhere because of that, even though my best friend worked there %26amp; I'm always with her.Subway Interview how did it go?
Next time they ask you about a license.

Tell them that you have your mom (not friends) that will drive you to your work.

Say "my mom will make sure that I get to work on time each and every day".

Best- if your mom is going to drive you - ask her to be at the next interview.

She can step in and say I wil l make sure she will be here.

--- Seen it many times - this is the only way.


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