Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need Help Filling Out An Application!PLEASE?!?


I'm fourteen, and I'm filling out an Application for subwayy! :)

I'mm excited.. Butt there's a few things i'm not sure how to answerrr...

1) Which do you consider more important as fas as a resturant is concernded- courteous, prompt service or quality product?

2) What do yuo consider to be the most important qualifications of a Subway employee?

3) You are working alone and your shift is due to be over at 6 pm. The individual who is schedualed to begin working at 6 pm does not show up. What do you do?

Call the manager, and wait until the manager comes, or the person schedualed to work.

thankss;Need Help Filling Out An Application!PLEASE?!?
i don't believe subway hires 14 year olds......... :/ but you could try!Need Help Filling Out An Application!PLEASE?!?
1) you have to consider the customer first because a annoyed customer will not return...always look the customer in the eye, smile and be polite. A customer won't mind waiting if you act courteous to them. Do your best, that is all anyone wants.

2) Know your menu, be able to answer questions with one likes to hear"I don't know" It shows a lack of care and concern on your side. If you don't know something find the manager in charge....they are there to help you be your best.

3) Never leave until your replacement arrives. The customer will not be served in a timely manner if you leave the restaurant short staffed. If the person does not come after 30 minutes then call the manager for further direction. (sometimes people are late because of traffic)

I know you are only fourteen, but you show great courage...good luck with your endeavorsNeed Help Filling Out An Application!PLEASE?!?
this is what i would put :

[1]- all of the above.

[2]- attitude ( way of helping other)

[3]- wait patiently untill the next individual show's up. (next person schedualed to work)

Hope I helped! (:

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