Monday, February 6, 2012

So how many exactly calories? Subway.?

Alright so I was thinking about getting subway for supper tonight. I was going to get a 6-inch turkey sandwich.

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So where it's under the sandwich list it has the turkey 6 inch and it says 280 calories I was wondering if that was only for the turkey or also with the bread. I looked up the bread that I get for a 6 inch and it's only 200 calories. So is it 280 calories all together with the bread?

Thanks :)So how many exactly calories? Subway.?
It's 280 the way they make it, which is only the turkey, bread, and vegetables (which they define under the listings-- I believe it's tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and something else). If you add cheese, it's another 100 or so calories, and mayo is another 50. If skip any extras though, 280 calories is accurate-- yes, including the bread.So how many exactly calories? Subway.?
it said a 6 inch turkey sub was 280 calories. therefore, a 6 inch turkey sub has 280 calories in it... turkey, bread (white or wheat), veggies. DOES NOT include cheeses or spreadsSo how many exactly calories? Subway.?
add another 100 calories and it should be fine..its like saying your weight, if you don't want to come off as obese then always say you are about 10 pounds lighter..same strategy here..

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