Monday, February 13, 2012

Have My Chances Increased Or Decreased?

i handed in a subway application to the manager personally on Wednesday I know i made a good impression by the last question on yahoo answers;鈥?/a>

today i went in she smiled and she attended me...

Me: "Hello Good Evening You Probably Remember Me I Turned In An Application And I'm Checking The Status Of My Application"

Manager: " Yes I Remember You Don't Worry I Still Have Your Application I Haven't Forgot About You I'm Just Waiting A Couple Of Weeks Cause We Just Recently Open This Location Then I'll See How Much More People We Are Going To Need"

Me: "I'll Be Expecting Your Call And I'll Be Able To Work At Your Convenience"

Manager: "Ok I'll Make Sure To Look Over Your Application Keep Checking Back"

What Do You Guys Think Honestly???.....If She Is Going To Start Hiring In 2 Weeks Why Did She Say Keep Checking Back???....Are My Chances More Or Less Than 50/50???...What Should Be My Next Step???.....Have My Chances Increased Or Decreased?
I think that you have a good chance of getting hired. She said that she remembers you and he/she's still holding onto your application. He/She told you too keep checking back. He/She wouldn't tell you that if he/she has no interest in hiring you.Have My Chances Increased Or Decreased?
Well when I got my job I went for an interview and when they asked questions like what time can you start work I said 11 and they asked why and I said because I like to sleep in. So, I would say it really depends on the person. One of my friends was really persistent and that's what got him the job. I would wait the two weeks see what happens. It's not exactly like it's a huge job that you have worked to achieve your whole life, so just be relaxed. If you get the job fantastic! But if you don't let it get you down, go try again and again until you succeed. Also, don't take it personally if you don't hired. You sound like a very dedicated worker and if they don't hire you I'm sure it will be because they all ready have a full staff. Either way, Good Luck and I hope you get the job. =)
You gotta show you're interested and eager to work hard.Have My Chances Increased Or Decreased?
I would recommend to keep filling out applications elsewhere. It sounds like you did everything you could with this application. It sounds like it could go either way in regards to their honesty.

The good news would be that you'll have a job at Subway in a few weeks. If you don't get it, you would have helped yourself by using the time usefully.

Good luck!
you did everything right, don't worry. when a new store gets opened, things are very hectic. and she probably doesn't have time in the next week to look it over again, I would wait a week and call her back. I would visit a few times to see when the stores busy times are, because you dont want to call her over a big lunch rush or dinner rush, it will only irritate her. if you want to work there be persistant without being a pain in the a**. it's better if you get hired a bit later after the store is open because alot of places tend to over hire for an opening, and then start to cut people back because they have too many Good Luck!!!Have My Chances Increased Or Decreased?
stay on her! make sure she knows you really want this job. don't harass her but don't slow down. if she's going to start hiring in the next 2 weeks then call every 4 days. let her know your persistent and she would be making the right choice by hiring you. i say your chances will be very high of getting this job. and besides its only been 4 days. so give it some time
Persistance is key in finding a job. The more you want it the more likely you will get it. Keep checking back! Good luck!
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