Thursday, February 9, 2012

Job application question?

It says to list ALL employment, i had a job at subway a while ago that only lasted two days. i'm embarassed that i wasn't able to hold that job for long and don't want to explain why i left. if i don't list it and they find out, will i get in trouble? can i leave it off my application?

also, is there ANY way to disable that annoying pop up on here that keeps on saying i have a lot of punctuation! i use a couple periods (like i'm supposed to) and it goes nuts. Argh!Job application question?
If you feel uncomfortable listing a two-day job, leave it off.

In the extremely remote chance that your new employer asks you about it, claim it was just two days and you forgot about it.Job application question?
I also hate those pop ups. They are SO annoying! Haven't found a way to get rid of them yet though.

And it's ok to omit a job from a resume. I worked at Subway for two months because I hated it. It's BS how downright rude and anal some people get about their food. If I could have, I would have spit in a lot of people's subs!
You must put all of your employment. Lying is no good! Lying on the job application, if you get caught, its a potential career suicide.

An employer has every right to fire an employee for lying on a job application or resume. The employer has hired the employee as well as entered into a contract with the employee based on information provided in the employee's application or resume. If some of these facts happen not to be true then the employee has misrepresented himself to employer and the contract can be considered invalid.

Job application question?
Depending on what kind of application your filling out. If its a minor job then leaving it out wont be a problem. Ive done it. If its a major job where they're going to do a detailed background check then Id make sure id list it. As far as getting in trouble. You can always say your forgot about that job and the worst thing that could happen is they don't hire you.
you can leave it off of a resume' and it is of no consequence.

a resume' is after all a highlight film not a documentary.

an application is a legal document and once signed you state that it is accurate. you can be terminated with "cause" for lying on an application.

just ignore the pop-ups............................

see, i just did!Job application question?
Don't mention Subway! I wouldn't! You weren't there long enough and it might hurt you in the future. Unless they do a complete back ground check they will never know.

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