Thursday, February 9, 2012

Special Constable Application Form - Competencies?

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I am studying at University. I work part time at Subway's and am wanting to work as a special constable in my spare time, for my personal discipline, confidence and the experience. I have filled out the application form but I am at a complete dead end on the competency section.

The sections I am stuck on are Community %26amp; Customer Focus, Personal Responsibility and Problem Solving. All the question state "Please provide specific evidence e.g. what the problem was, what you did and what the outcome was" but I can not think of any sutiable answer. Any ideas guys?Special Constable Application Form - Competencies?
Community %26amp; Customer Focus: As you work in Subway's you should be able to think of a situation where you did something to help a customer. Disabled person getting into shop/ finding a seat or a person lost a purse. Focus on what you did to improve the situation for them, and how you considered their side of the situation etc. How you were focused to improve their life.

Personal Responsibility: Think of a situation when you have been responsible for someone/thing and how you dealt with it. Sports team captain, youth group leader, baby sitting.

Problem Solving: You must have been in a situation where there was a problem and you helped to come up with the solution.

There is nothing wrong with using the same job for more than one competency but don't use the same situation.

Don't lie as you will be caught out and make sure you check grammar and spelling carefully. If you are still unsure check if your local Specials meet up at any place or time and/or ask if you can go along for help filling in the form. I know our branch will talk it through with you if you ask.

Good Luck.

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