Monday, February 13, 2012

Resturant Application Questions?

1: A customer complains that he was short changed by you receiving only 13 cents change from $2.00 instead of 31 cents What would you do?

2. Which do you consider more important as far as a restaurant is concerned-courteous, prompt service or a quality product

3. What do you consider to be the most important qualifications of an subway employee?

4.You are working alone and your shift is due to be over at ^PM. The individual who is scheduled to begin working at 6 Pm does not show up. What do you do?Resturant Application Questions?
If the amount's that small, then I'd just give it to him, you can literally find the change on the ground to make up your drawer if he was in the wrong. I believe that rule of thumb is $5+ you and a manager or coworker count your drawer to check the discrepancy. Apologize and give the customer the correct change if your drawer's off, if it's not then explain that to the customer and tell them to have a nice day.Resturant Application Questions?
1. It is not enough to fight over and you will lose a return customer. Apologize and give the customer the extra change.

2, Trick question. Both are important but there is a difference. The task of providing service is solely your responsibility but you have the final check to insure you are delivering a quality product (checking the order accuracy, making sure it is hot, etc).

3. Making sure your actions put the company in the best possible light. Being clean, attentive and accurate. As a side note, I like it when the order is repeated back, the total, amount tendered and change is clearly announced and the bills are counted out in front of the customer (some managers might not like this).

4. Never leave until your relief shows up. Wait a few minutes and if he does not come in and is ready for work, call your manager for instructions.

Don't put this down but do not clock out until you leave and if your relief continually shows up late, notify your manager sometime during your shift.Resturant Application Questions?
1. Apologize to the customer and give him the correct change. Maybe even offer him something complimentary for his inconvenience.

2. they both go hand and hand, though courteous prompt service results in repeat customers. customers equate to the success of the restaurant.

3. to be a team player dedicated to excellent customer service.

4. Keep working until he or she arrives and notify the manager.Resturant Application Questions?
1. Give him the rest of the change - it's a small amount and will prevent losing the customer.

2. On this one - you have to demonstrate your difficulty in deciding because you think they're both sooooo important, but in the end a quality product will outweigh crappy service. It doesn't matter how nice you are, if the food sucks, they won't come back.

3. Reliability, hard work, and the desire to learn.

4. Contact a supervisor and continue to work (You'll still be making dough)
1. Apologize to the customer for the mistake and give them the correct change.

2. Both are VERY important in order for a resteraunt to succeed.

3. Kind, curtious, patient, and skilled at sandwich making.

4.Wait for the employee to show up. If the employee doesn't show up, contact the store manager, but make sure that the store is not left unattended.
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