Monday, February 13, 2012

Taco bell application status?

So i applied to taco bell online and i called three times so far and i spoke once to the manager and she said she will review it and call me back then i called again today and the guy took my name and number i doing a bad thing by calling a lot? I really need a job and i applied to subway and to staples but staples isn't hiring and ugh im getting really stressed.what should i do? I really want the job at Taco Bell. :(Taco bell application status?
apply in person.-Taco bell application status?
You know the saying: There are plenty of fish in the sea. If that job doesn't work out, go somewhere else that will want you. Things, I like to think, happen for a reason. Just look for online job application and grab yourself a good paying job that you like. bell application status?
You might have to go in person. I feel ur pain!;鈥?/a> help me?Taco bell application status?
Their loss if they dont want you. Check out other companies.

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