Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Doesn't Subway hire guys?

I put in an application at my local Subway and they told me not to get my hopes up cause they don't hire guys. A couple of my friends who put in applications said that they got the same message and now that I think about it I have never seen a guy work there.

Why is this? And is it all Subways or just my local one?Why Doesn't Subway hire guys?
Its just your local one. It is also illegal. My local Subway has guys working there all the time. I can't think of a single reason that they don't hire guys. It may be the manager and the owner may not even know he or she is doing it, or it may be the owner. You could try to get in contact with the owner and see if he knows whats going on. You can ask them for an 800 number and turn them in to the Subway corporation. Each Subway is independantly owned but they are franchises and subject to certain rules and I am sure this would be covered under it. Good luck.Why Doesn't Subway hire guys?
Personally, I think its just yours because my friend hired for JC-Penney and then a fellow employee at jc penney in our local mall said that the manager doesnt hire black people, and my friend was really ticked, but in a mall about 15 minutes away they hired both coccasion and african americans. But yea i think its only your local subway because the subway near me has both men and female(:
all subways are privately owned so most are different owners. This practice is illegal as in they cannot discriminate with regard to race, religion, sex, etc., etc. If you call the labor department you could get info on what to do about it. The bottom line is girls are better workers so thats why they hire this way. Me? I just don't say that to anyone.Why Doesn't Subway hire guys?
I have seen plenty of Subway shops with male employees working there. They cannot discriminate based on sex. I would like to know who told you that at the location. I would bet that it wasn't a manager but a regular employee that wants a woman working there. z
guys work at the ones in Houston Texas, I think you and your friends need to report to your labor board that subway refused to hire all of you because you were males, that is against the law, it is discriminationWhy Doesn't Subway hire guys?
I am very surprised at this. Every Subway I have gone to has both guys and gals. I agree that you might want to talk to the local owner / manager. Subway doesn't gender discriminate!
I'd ask the manager directly, I don't think they do it on purpose. I see guys working at Subway in my area.
It's cause they use their own personal mayonnaise.
yeah, thats illegal to discriminate in the workplace... but it has to just be yours because all of ours are mostly guys with some girls
Its not all subways that do not, at our local subway there are many boys working there.
report it, thats wrong i ot served by 2guys and a girl in subway the other day

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