Monday, February 6, 2012

Your Favorite Subway Sanwich?

This is My Second time asking this question im trying to get more than {16} answers this time well mine is - Steak %26amp; Cheese

+ Toasted

+ Lettuce

+ Oil

+ American Cheese

+ Mayanasse

+ Salt

+ Pepper

+ Italian Bread

+ {E}xtra Lettuce

+ {E}xtra Oil

+ Bacon

= Umm Umm good a good old sub with all my fav. ingrediants for $5.oo thats just a to good deal

Extras : Cheese Ruffles or Cheese Doritos %26amp; a Ice Cold Sprite

And please don't put im a vegiterian or subways not good for you or say oh i don''t like subway if you forgot what you like heres the website :鈥?/a>

Heres My sanwich that i like :鈥?/a>Your Favorite Subway Sanwich?
My favorite Subway Sub is the Meatball Sub with extra Pizza Sauce. Sometimes it's so sloppy that I use a knife and fork to eat it.Your Favorite Subway Sanwich?
Thank You Very Much for the Best Answer.

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Subway melt and whatever I feel like putting on it that day..

Do you work for subway or something lol?Your Favorite Subway Sanwich?
Classic Italian
The one that they sell at subway.Your Favorite Subway Sanwich?
im vegetarian, so i get a 6-inch lettuce and american cheese on whole wheat bread. its actually really good and filling =]
chicken teriyaki with everything on it except jalepenos.

Honey Oat bread

Chicken teriyaki on Italian. Toasted. Lettuce, onion, green pepper, provologne, pickles. Sweet onion sauce. Oregano.

By the way, your favorite sandwich sounds really good. I'll have to try that combination some day.
Italian BMT, Cheese %26amp; herb bread, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, twice the amount of onions anyone should consume in one sitting, oil and a diet coke. In fact, you've just inspired to walk to my local subway with a broken leg. mmmmmm they should deliver if not to everyone than at least to cripples. good day!
bmt on white bread with lettuce tom pickle onion amer cheese mayo must salt pepper lays pot chip coke
...why don't you want vegetarians answering? Screw your rules, I'm answering anyway!

White bread

Vegetarian pattie

Cheddar cheese





Ranch or Southwest dressing
my older sister works at subway she brings it home everyday my fav is

~rost beef

~swiss cheese

~black olives

~bell pepper


on three cheese bread! yum!
Sub Club




+Chedder Cheese




+Sweet Onion Dressing

Tuna with: extra swiss cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, extra pickles, extra jalapenos, and vinegar. Mmmmmmmm
Never tried one, two weeks ago I bought a daily paper and with it came a freeby subway thingy, there was a man looking a bit desperate so I passed on the booklet to him, hope he had a good feed and it got him through the day................. This was at Cork airport..........
Foot long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, lettuce, tomatoe, American Cheese, mayo, Garlic herb bread, extra sweet onion sauce.....yummmm...more toasty than Quiznos!!
I like the Seafood %26amp; Crab and i get a bag of doritos too...
I like the cold cut trio on honey oat bread, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and light mayo.


I like the Subway Melt on italian herbs and cheese bread, lettuce, tomato, light mayo


I like the meatball marinara on italian hebs and cheese bread with provolone cheese.
Mine would be a tuna sub on white bread... I don't like anything else on it...
meatball marinera with extra cheese!!
I love all of them except the meatball. That one is gross and messy.
I miss the Bourbon Chicken. I wish they would bring that back.
Toasted chicken %26amp; bacon ranch is one of my favorites, cheese doritos

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